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Did you know? 

We used to share a space with Blue Periodontics.  Dr. Marcus J. Blue, DDS (yes there is a blue theme here) has been serving the Roaring Fork Valley for over eleven years and is wholly dedicated to the overall health and foundation of the mouth. And who better to treat facial esthetics than a clinician trained in the minute details from the neck up? (Don't worry, Dr. Blue will still be giving BOTOX® and other medial spa treatments out of his office as well!)

What exactly does a periodontist do?

We're glad you asked. We didn't know at first either. Technically, it's a super specialized aesthetic oral surgeon, but here's how we'd break it down:

  • Do you wish you could see more of your teeth and less of your gums when you smile? Dr. Blue can fix that.

  • Do you have receding gums? Dr. Blue can fix that.

  • Are you missing a tooth/teeth or has a root canal failed? Dr. Blue does dental implants.

  • Did you have an accident that left you with dental trauma? Dr. Blue can restore that.

  • Have you been told implants aren't right for you? Dr. Blue can answer all your questions. 

The point is...

You don't have to see Dr. Blue (unless you want Botox®, Juvederm®, or Kybella®) while you're at Blue Spa. He'll pop over to the spa to do that. However, your smile is a huge part of your face, and we wanted to make sure you knew what else was possible for you! 

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