While you may know Dr. Marcus Blue as a periodontist who specializes in the overall health of your mouth (dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, tissue and bone grafting, etc.), he's just as interested in what's happening around your smile. After 10 years in the Roaring Fork Valley, Dr. Blue is now offering Botox® (cosmetic, migraine and TMJ), Juvederm®, and Kybella®.

Can't make it to Blue Spa? Ask us about our concierge service! (Botox® Cosmetic & Medical, Juvederm®, and Kybella® only) 


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Colorado native Sara Bowles is a licensed cosmotologist who is also certified in advanced aesthetics. She believes self-care and feeling good in your own skin can make all the difference, and she is passionate about giving that to her clients each and every visit.


We promise you will love her attention to detail, her gentle approach, and appreciate her extensive knowledge as much as we do.

If you're ready to feel as beautiful as you are, come see Sara!


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